Held through the Bunyip State Park (just an hour away from Melbourne), the ride sets off from Gembrook on a journey of climbs, descents and feed zones! The course has 2 distance options – 70km and 40km.

The Dirty Gran Fondo* is the only event of its kind where riders choose a category by the type of bike they ride in the event. Will you choose Mountain Bike? or Cyclo Cross? Maybe you will choose the Mongrel?

Whats a Mongrel we hear you ask? It could be a Fat bike, maybe you are riding a road bike. Is it a flat bar Road Bike. The Mongrel is what you make of it that is not either a traditional MTB or CX, check out Curry Supply Company. Dirty Gran Fondo* is both and even and a participation event.

 If you want to read why this will be our last, we have a bit of text about it –> Click Here <—