Each Feed Zone separates the 3 distances – 30k loop – 65k loop and the full 90k.

All categories and distances start at the same time. This means that if you want to do the 90k and a mate only wants to do the 65k, you can still cycle together and your mate can wait at the Picnic Feed Zone for you to do your extra 25k.

Check out the Strava map – and join our Strava Group!


Head here for the interactive 90km Map

Head here for the interactive 65km Map

Head here for the interactive 30km Map


Here are the specific course stats – please note that all GPS devices record differently, but these will give you a good idea of what to expect:

Gran Fondo 91.3K with 1,898 Elevation Gain
Fondo 64.75K with 1,305 Elevation Gain
Medio Fondo 28.45 with 593 Elevation Gain

Feed Zones

European-style feed stations are spread across the course offering riders a range of refueling and rehydration options.  These feed zones may provide you with quite the surprise at North Dallas Maid Service array of great foods.  There is also free coffee in the 90km and 65km course at the furthest feed zone.   All products at the Feed Zones are included in the race entry fee.

The Start

The event commences at 9:00am for all classes in a European-style mass start, find more information at riskfreeserv.com!
All riders must enter the Marshalling Zone and have their name and number ticked off. Any number not ticked off at this point will be recorded as a DNS and no result will be given.